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Tributes May 24-May 30, 2023

Axelrad Adult Education Fund
In Memory of
  Alan Fisherman
  Florence Robzen
  Charles Senger
  Flo Slatko
         Charlotte Axelrad

Endowment Fund
In Honor of
 Bootsie Feld's 95th Birthday
         Rhoda Goldberg
In Memory of
  Milton Stanford Mosk, Jr.
         Rhoda Goldberg

Friday Night Ruach Fund
In Honor of
  Those who love to dance
         Marian Bell
In Memory of
  Renee Bootin
  Milton Stanford Mosk, Jr.
         Susan and Henry Wise

General Fund
In Honor of

  The Birthday of Jeffrey Ross
        Leslie and Sandy Weiner and Family
In Memory of
   Lorraine Brown, a former CBS president and dear friend of Leslie and Sandy Weiner
   Mollie Burnett, grandmother of Julie Goldberger
   Chine Druss, grandmother of Melvin Buck
   Jacob Frank, father of Howard Frank
   I.D. (Isadore) Freed, brother of Iris Fisherman
   Abe Greenberg, husband of Judy Greenberg
   Leslie Hamori, mother of Judi Scott
   Reba Lapin, grandmother of Bobby Lapin
   Meredith Long, stepfather of Nina Zilka
   Leah Peterman, mother of Henry Peterman
   Doris Rosenblatt, mother of Beverly Levinson
   Goldie Rushefsky, mother of Laura Rosenberg
   Sylvia F. Schneider, mother-in-law of Kay Schneider
   Marshall Starer, father of Linda Lighthill-Flusberg
   Rabbi Howard Trusch, husband of Norma Trusch
   Michael J. Wallace, son of Marsha Wallace
   Sid Wallace, husband of Marsha Wallace
   Mark Warshaw, son of Shirley Warshaw
   Henry Wind, father of Dori Wind
   Emanuel B. Zarin, father of Jerry Zarin
        Leslie and Sandy Weiner and Family
In Memory of
   Loris Cohen
        Ana and Robert Eigler
In Memory of
   Chine Druss
        Roslyn Hager and Alan Buck
In Memory of
   Sonia Greenstein
        Lila Flanze
In Memory of
   Esther Robinson
        Mallory Robinson

Library Fund
In Memory of
  Helen N. Lesartre
         Helen and Ken Lesartre
In Memory of
  Leah Peterman
         Betsy and Henry Peterman

Velva G. and H. Fred Levine Synagogue Enhancement Fund
In Memory of
  Alan Golden
        Velva Levine

Mon, June 5 2023 16 Sivan 5783