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Tributes February 1-7, 2023

Axelrad Adult Education Fund
In Honor of
   Charlotte Axelrad's special Birthday
          Janice Rubin and Charles Wiese
          Aileen and Jerry Zarin

CBS Women's Fund
In Honor of
   Their 63rd Anniversary
         Jean and Mort Levy

Chesed Fund
In Memory of
   Barbara Buck
         Marty and Melvin Buck

General Fund
In Honor of
   Betty Clark's Bat Mitzvah
       Janice Rubin and Charles Wiese
In Memory of
   Betty Krupp Arrow, sister of Joan Katz
   Barbara Goldfine Bernstein, cousin of Leslie Weiner
   Rebecca Buck, mother of Alan Buck and Melvin Buck, grandmother of Jodi Buck and Stephanie Buck
   Benjamin Feldman, father of Stewart Feldman
   Jacob Yitzhak Goodstein, grandfather of Janice Rubin
   Shirley Hamburger, mother of Perry Hamburger
   Eva Hamori, mother of Judi Scott
   Anna Kaufman, grandmother of Iris Fisherman
   Robin Royal Kirby, sister of Marty Buck
   Helen Klein, mother of Milton Klein
   Rebecca Kristovsky, sister of Rachel Dvoretzky
   Dave Lebowitz, father of Shirley Warshaw
   Leon Levinthal, father of Michele Vernon
   Simeon Markman, grandfather of Joseph Markman
   Bessie Martin, mother of Sewell Martin
   Florrie Sack, mother of Ian Sack
   Harold Schanoes, father of Barbara Goldstein
   John Jacob Scott, brother of Paul Scott
   Kamal Sheena, father of Denise Mosk and Gregg Sheena
   Marcos Shilibolsky, father of Miriam Wiener
   Iris Sissenwein, mother of Sara Norris
   Eveta Weingarten, sister of Jack Weingarten
   Ofelia Wiener, mother of Isidoro Wiener
        Leslie and Sandy Weiner and family
In Memory of
   Isaac Dvoretzky
        Rachel Dvoretzky and Allan Levine
In Memory of
   Bernard Flanz
        Lila Flanz
In Memory of
   Nucie Ginsberg
        Eta Paransky
In Memory of
   Julie Markowitz
        Phyllis Shapiro
In Memory of
   Jullian Schneider
        Amy Schneider
In Memory of
   Shirley Schneider
        Arline Guefen
In Memory of
   Burton Sissenwein
        Sara and Peter Norris
In Memory of
   Eunice Winer
        Audrey Winer

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In Memory of
   Netti Eigler
       Ana and Robert Eigler
In Memory of
   Stanley Goldberg Giles, brother of Joan Lang
        Joan and Howard Lang

Velva G. and H. Fred Levine Synagogue Enhancement Fund
In Memory of
   Nathan Kanowitz
        Jean and Mort Levy

Tue, January 31 2023 9 Shevat 5783