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Wednesday Religious School for Grades 3-7 begins at 4:30 pm. and ends at 6:30 pm.

Sunday Religious School for Grades PK-7 begins at 9:30 am. and ends at 12:30 pm.


Please contact Erin Lepselter if you have any questions regarding any portion of this process. 

The Brith Shalom Religious School, an egalitarian environment, is committed to providing its students with the skills, values, identity, and passion for living serious Conservative Jewish lives in the 21st century. Our school emphasizes Jewish literacy based on Torah and Tefillah (prayer), life cycle and holiday cycle, ethics, and a concern for K’lal Yisrael (the Jewish people), and text-based Hebrew. The CBS religious school supports and encourages warm and positive relationships between students and their teachers, as faculty serve as important Jewish role models. Additionally, we strive for creative, active, dynamic classroom environments, emphasizing social interaction and cooperative learning.Education at CBS begins with our pre-kindergarten students (4-year-olds) and continues through graduation (12th  grade).

Click here to view the CBS Religious School 2023-2024 CALENDAR.

Our Goals

  • Develop fluency in Hebrew reading with a focus on gaining a working knowledge of Siddur and Bible vocabulary to build comfort and confidence for students to participate in and lead synagogue services throughout their lives. 
  • A fundamental knowledge of the Biblical text and its relevance in the lives of our students as a source of Jewish practice and ethics. 
  • Develop a strong personal identification with Jewish history and the State of Israel. 
  • Create commitment and passion among our students, for Conservative Jewish practice and mitzvot: specifically the observance of Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, Kashrut, and Life Cycle events. 
  • Explore the role of God, holiness, and our Jewish ethical system in the lives of our students through the performance of tzedakah and gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness) 
  • Enable students to feel at home in the synagogue and with their Jewish identities. 
  • Establish a positive basis for life-long learning and living. 
  • Supplementing the formal classroom, students are expected to attend various age-appropriate youth services during their years in the religious school.
Sat, April 13 2024 5 Nisan 5784