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The Passover (Pesach) Seder

The most celebrated and beloved of Jewish home rituals.

Passover 101

Passover Recipes
Delicious dishes for you and your family for the seder and beyond.


                                                                              Round Matzah bread for Passover

                             Matzah Baking, an 18-Minute Project

                                                                          Do it yourself, or learn about this intense process.


                     What it Means to Keep Kosher for Passove r                                       How to Conduct a Passover Seder
                Hametz, kitniyot, and the holiday's dietary restrictions.                        The 14 steps of a traditional seder.

                       passover seder table              

                            Do I need to have two Passover Seders?                            Passover Seder: How to be a Good Guest
                 Israeli Jews observe only one Passover seder, but                       What to expect at a Passover seder.
                        Jews who reside elsewhere often have two.

                        kitniyot passover kosher for passover          
                                         Kitniyot: Not Quite Hametz                                          10 Tips for a Less Stressful Passover
                     The Passover debate surrounding rice, millet,                         How to get ready for Passover without
                                                   corn and legumes.                                                    having a nervous breakdown.

                        seder family           grains
                                                 Rules for Passover                                                       What is not OK to Eat on Passover
                        From avoiding leavened products to the Fast of           Your guide to which foods are customarily avoided
                        the First Born, here's your cheat sheet of                                                     on the holiday.
                                                     Passover practices.

                                         red sea split
                               9 Things You Didn't Know About Passover                       The Oft-Misquoted Catchphrase of the Exodus
                       Why Israelis have just one seder, how Gibraltar does              'Let My People Go' is only half the equation.
                           haroset, and other curiosities of this 8-day holiday.

                                             Passover (Pesach) at Home                                                                     Leaven (Hametz)
                        Passover is one of the major festivals of the year            Three steps for ritually cleansing the home for Passover
                         where the home rituals are of such significance
                         and importance that they overshadow those done
                                                        in the community.



Passover Quizzes!


                                                                                                      Traditional Passover seder table

New Thoughts


                              Adorable little girl holds thank you sign during food drive
              Ruth's Cup: A New Passover Ritual                                               Dayenu: A Jewish Template for Gratitude
                   Honoring Jewish Diversity                                            The classic seder poem is not merely a reflection on Passover,
            A ritual welcome for converts at Passover.                                                 but a model for true thanks.


                                    Date and walnut spread (Charoset) over a Matzo bread
silhouette hand with chain is absent                                      

        The Hidden Arc of the Passove Seder                                                      Who Really Hardened Pharaoh's Heart?
The Mishnah says the seder must begin with the                                     Was God responsible for the Egyptian leader's
disgrace of enslavement and end with praise of God.                                                         intransigence?
The authors of the Haggadah did a little more than that.




                           matzah passover seder haggadah                            

   Where to Find Songs for Your Passover Seder                                 How to Make Your Own Passover Haggadah
    Online resources for Passover recordings,                                    A DIY Haggadah adds a personal touch to your
                   lyrics, sheet music and more.                                           seder and can make for a more meaningful holiday.


               Supplementary Seder Readings                                                                 Exodus: History or Mythic Tale?
                 Remembering the oppressed--                                              A biblical scholar reviews the historical claims of the
               and others in need--at the seder                                                                       biblical book of Exodus.


          Why the Exodus Was So Significant                                         Collective Punishment and Collective Responsibility
The impact of Judaism's transformative event                                           Did all Egyptians deserve to be punished?
         is felt by the other monotheistic religions.

                                                                                                           Next Year in Jerusalem

                                                                 Understanding the familiar phrase in light of modern realities

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