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Shabbat Morning Ruach Success

06/08/2022 10:41:15 AM


Rabbi Ranon Teller

The Shabbat Morning Ruach was an experiment that worked. The service is designed to immerse ourselves completely in spirit, energy, and song. Every moment has its own powerful connection to God, to each other, to our ancestors, and to our descendants.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that one service doesn’t fit all. Our Brith Shalom community is made up of a variety of people, each on their own unique journey. Our traditional Shabbat morning minyan is a fulfilling and meaningful experience for our traditionalists. A sizable percentage of our membership also seeks meaning, connection, and spirit in a contemporary setting.

Here’s what participants said:

 "...we enjoyed everything about Shabbat Morning Ruach. The energy, the unity, the incredibly beautiful rendition of L’Dor Vador that brought me to tears...We were so happy to be a part of it and will be regulars in the future."
"Most Jewish services are embedded in the past--linking to previous generations. This was one of the few services where I felt like I was linking to the future generations."
"The Shabbat Morning Ruach service was so completely different from anything I had ever experienced in a synagogue service. It was uplifting and spiritual. It fulfilled my need for a Shabbat religious experience."

"Families were completely engaged and shared beautiful quality time together singing and praying in a joyful and inspiring environment.  We hope we'll have a monthly Shabbat morning service like the monthly Friday Night Ruach."


I hope you'll join us when we begin monthly Shabbat Morning Ruach services in the fall.

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784