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Oseh Ma’asei Vereishit

03/21/2023 11:28:44 AM


Cantor Mark Levine

Oseh Ma’asei Vereishit

Sitting on a balcony aboard a cruise ship on my way to Portugal, I am listening to the world’s most beautifully composed music, the haunting sound of the waves.  Together with the vision of the breaking water, its smell, and a light breeze, my mind wanders to words of blessing: Baruch Ata…oseh ma’asei vereishit,  - Praised are You…Who has created an incredible...Read more...

Tradition and Change

03/13/2023 08:23:00 AM


Cantor Mark Levine

Time.  The passage of time.  As I strolled the streets of London, I was struck by a series of red phone booths (sorry about the picture quality – I’ll keep my day job) often surrounded by throngs of people.  However, as quickly became apparent, the booths were not being used as I had assumed – people were merely posing alongside a relic of the past (ironically pictures taken by cell phones). There was, nonetheless,...Read more...


03/07/2023 11:29:38 AM


Cantor Mark Levine

As I arrived in Southampton, the departure site for a cruise along the North Sea, I entered a coffee shop and purchased the London Times.  To my utter dismay, the headline announced “Unsafe Schools Where Jewish Boys Can Barely Read English.”

The investigation described thousands of Jewish boys enrolled in Hassidic institutions, boys, in their mid teens, who were unable to read English, who had acquired minimal, if any, math...Read more...

Sun, March 26 2023 4 Nisan 5783