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During During 5779 Adult Education began a new initiative for monthly Shabbat Study. The sessions take place on the third Shabbat of the month after Kiddush-Lunch. Each series lasts 4 consecutive sessions and are presented by our own congregants.


Shabbat Adult Education Programs Returning to Shabbat
Inspired Book Club - Second Shabbat of the month at 1:00 PM
Shabbat Study Group - Third Shabbat of the month at 1:00 PM

Sessions will begin at 1 pm.  Zoom will be available at 12:45 pm

The topics of the classes vary. In 5779 we completed three series: Stories from the book of Judges (Andy Hoffman), Interpreting the Torah (Debbie Kagan), and Understanding the Psalms (Sue Resnick). During 5780, we have competed a series focussed on the book of Ecclesiastes (Aaron Howard) and a series entitled Emperors, Emirs, Popes and Princes: How Opportunity and Oppression Created a Unique Italian Jewish Community (Lisa Trimarchi.) The last series for this Jewish year is on the book of Proverbs by Sue Resnick.

In March, we will begin our next four-part series.  Entitled Treasury in the Trash: the Story of the Cairo Geniza, the series will be led by Sara Norris.  

The Cairo Geniza (CG) is the most diverse collection of manuscripts ever discovered. It contained writings that span a 1000 years and included materials related to sacred and religious life as well as secular writing. Its contents give us insight into life in medieval North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.

In May, Sara will discuss “A Mediterranean Society and the Role of Women”.
In June, Sara will discuss "In the Digital Age".

The Shabbat Study Group will take a one-month break in July.

In August, we will be starting a  new series entitled  Contemporary Jewish Artists and Visual Midrash.  Since about 1980 there has been a growth of Jewish visual artists who identify very closely with their Judaism in what they create.  We will look at some of these artists' work and hear about why and how they came to create visual Midrash for  Biblical text and prayer.  There will be a chance to share reactions to the work.   The series will be delivered by Rona Lesser.

Please join this active group. You will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions, please contact Martin Kagan at 713-270-4469.

Sun, June 20 2021 10 Tammuz 5781