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Jonathan Wyn Schofer

February 14: "The Mishnah Project" What did the rabbinic sages have in mind when they embarked on creating the Mishnah after the destruction of the Second Temple? An overview of who these rabbis were and how they orgainized Jewish religious culture.

February 15 (during morning services at CBS) “Parashat Yitro: Jethro’s Visit”

February 15: "The Ox Goes Wild" How the Talmud sages use an ox that is in the habit of goring to look at negligence and damages.

February 16: Yom Limmud, “And when I was eighty years old, I …received the Torah from the right hand of The Holy One, Blessed Be He, and I taught it to Israel” What was Moses like at the end of his life? At 120 years old, he faces his death, and a canonical Midrash in Deuteronomy Rabbah examines this moment, gathering earlier material from the great prophet’s life into an examination of his intimacy with G-d, the divine commandment that he will not cross the Jordan River with the Israelites, his achievements, his mortality, and his love of life.

Tue, January 28 2020 2 Shevat 5780