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Authorization of Agent to Sell Chametz

Please use this form to indicate your interest in selling your chametz.

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Please consider making a donation along with this sale to the CBS Chametz 2019 Fund,  which will enable others to celebrate the holiday with a Passover meal through the JFS Passover Assistance Fund.


(Enclose check or donate online by logging into your CBS Online account, clicking on the “Donate” icon, and selecting “Chametz 2019” from the drop-down list.)

By clicking "Submit," I/We, hereby authorize Rabbi Ranon Teller of Congregation Brith Shalom to act as my/our agent to sell any chametz that may be in my/our possession, and wherever it may be in my/our home or place of business or elsewhere, in accordance with the requirements and provisions of Jewish law, as outlined on the contract of sale drawn up by Rabbi Teller.


Please return to the Brith Shalom office before 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 18.

Congregation Brith Shalom
4610 Bellaire Blvd
Bellaire, TX 77401