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The Sisterhood is an active and vibrant part of our synagogue. Our programs throughout the year encourage education, leadership, socialization and relationship-building. We study a wide range of Jewish topics.  We make time to kibitz and laugh!  Our members have developed close friendships as well. Our membership consists of a wide range of ages, interests, and backgrounds. 

The mission of the Brith Shalom Sisterhood is to provide a forum for Conservative Jewish women to have an impact on the educational, spiritual, and social environment of Congregation Brith Shalom and the community. 

Whether offering scholarships, creating fantastic programs, helping out the religious school, raising money for JTS, or helping out the shul in various other ways, Sisterhood is a vital and integral part of Brith Shalom’s success. Sisterhood is only as great as its members. 


Top 10 Reasons to be Involved 

  1. Experience personal growth through programs for education, leadership, social networking and relationship building. 
  2. Contribute to our synagogue in numerous, integral ways through fund-raising, programming and volunteer services. 
  3. Foster spiritual growth generating a living Judaism in the home, synagogue and community. 
  4. Engage in leadership development. Build on talents you had and discover some you didn’t know you possessed. 
  5. Join other women around our country and the world to support the goals of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism (WLCJ). 
  6. Meet fascinating women of all ages, backgrounds and interests. 
  7. Have FUN volunteering with bright, kind, dedicated, supportive women. 
  8. Modify your level of involvement as your life stage, time and interests change. 
  9. Allow our many voices to make a difference as part of Women’s League and the worldwide Conservative/Masorti Movement. 
  10. Increase the number of CBS members you meet, thereby increasing the chance you’ll feel like you’ve found your spiritual “home” when you attend services.    

Contributions to CBS

Have you ever wondered how Sisterhood makes so many contributions to Congregation Brith Shalom?

You will see below that we give back so much to our beloved Brith Shalom. That explains why we need to carry out multiple fundraising events throughout the year to cover our numerous financial commitments. Here is just a short list we want to share with our congregation: 

  • Religious school donations 
  • Scholarships 
  • Provision of an engraved Kiddush cup for each Bar or Bat Mitzvah (Jointly underwritten with the Men’s Club) 
  • USY Donation 
  • High Holiday babysitting 
  • High Holiday Break the Fast 
  • Kitchen equipment 
  • Weekly Shabbat Onegs to cover times when there are no special events 
  • Additional donations made to CBS as funds become available through other special fundraising events we may hold during the year. 

Additionally, we raise funds during the Torah Fund Campaign for our national organization. These funds go to the Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, NY), Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies (Los Angeles, CA), and the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem). This is where our Rabbis, Cantors and educators are trained. 

Sisterhood uses our funds for the Congregation in other ways, as well. Annually Sisterhood provides funding for our numerous programs that occur throughout the year. We operate and maintain the library, and sponsor Mitzvah Corp, which provides a Shabbat dinner to families experiencing a life event. We also sponsor the Simcha Fund, which reaches out to CBS members for births, deaths and anniversaries. Further, we fund the Sisterhood Shabbat, Sisterhood Installation, and the Torah Fund event. We contribute some assistance with sponsorship of a speaker at the JCC Book Fair and we try to cover part of the expenses of any member who would like to attend a sisterhood conference. 

Where does the remaining 74% of our income come from to do all of this? Besides our dues, we also raise income from our Judaica shop, Fall Holiday Bazaar, honey for Rosh Hashanah, High Holiday parking project, High Holiday Flower Fund, the Sisterhood general fund, Mishloach Manot - where bags of goodies are collected, packaged and distributed during Purim - and donations from oil changes at Itzy's Oil.

Sisterhood also sponsors many additional events during the year through programming and volunteer services. Examples include the annual membership dinner, a series of dynamic informal and formal programs, a special event for new members and our Monday morning study club. 

There’s room for everyone to be involved through both monetary and non-monetary volunteer contributions. We need everyone’s help to make all of this work. 

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism Affiliation

  • Allows our many voices to join to make a difference. Members of CBS Sisterhood are part of Women’s League, the world’s largest network of synagogue women. Women’s League is grounded in Jewish observance and tradition and is committed to repairing the world in which we live. 
  • Endeavors to help you continue to learn, apply and perpetuate Jewish traditions in your home, synagogue and community, support those in need locally and nationally, and make connections between women around the world. 
  • Serves as an active arm of the worldwide Conservative/ Masorti Movement with close ties to the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC, the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in LA, and Schechter Institute in Jerusalem through contributions to Torah Fund. 
  • Unites us with women in other Conservative Synagogues in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Israel and other parts of the world seeking to develop and translate the teachings of Judaism to practice. 

Board Contact List 2017 Sisterhood Board

Treasurer: Wendy Conaway   

Financial Secretary: Cheryl Lidsky   

Corresponding Secretary: Phyllis Kaufman    

Recording Secretary: Elyse Kunick   

Jewish Family Living: Lena Malacoff     

Programming VP: Sara Norris   

Programming co-chairs: Elaine Kellner   

                                    Emily Estes    

                                    Michelle McGill  

Membership VP: Lori Rubin    

Membership co-chairs: Deanna Sline  

                                   Joyce Helfman   

Torah Fund co-chairs: Lena Malacoff  

                                 Erin Pomerantz   

                                 Lila Chanin   

                                 Emily Estes   

                                 Jennifer Drob   

Sisterhood Shabbat Co-Chairs: Gavriella Roisman   

                                               Vicki Teller    

Honey Sales Chair: Caren Harris   

HH Flowers and Parking Chair: Susan Wise    

Mah Jongg Chair: Valerie Katz   

Mishloach Manot Co-Chairs: Shelley Nadel

                                           Erica Furman    

Public Relations: Shira Moses    

Mitzvah Corps: Cathy Podell    

Simcha Fund Co-Chairs: Debbie Segal   

                                     Paula Druckman   

                                     Susan Tomlinson    

                                     Elana Hoffman 

Library: Susan Schlein 

Diversity Outreach: Elise Sheppard

Social Action: Laurie Silverblatt

Special Project Chair: Karen Aptekar

Judaica Shop Liaison: Frances Rubin 

Judaica Shop Volunteer: Linda Marouni 

Social Media: Mindy Cohen

Nominations Chair: Denise Mosk

Installation, Parliamentarian: Lisa Lowenstein     


  • Co-president information pending.

Learn & Grow

  • Sisterhood Board Meetings occur on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm  

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