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Rabbi's Blog

Shalom all,
Brith Shalom collaborated with UOS, Beth Yeshurun, HCRJ, and HOD (the Hebrew Order of David) at the 13th annual Man’s Mock Seder.

President's Blog

Friends and Family,

While life here in Houston post-Hurricane Harvey is not yet what it was before the storm, and may never be, I find myself being inspired and encouraged by what I affectionately refer to as “Precious Moments”.  “Precious Moments” are events or circumstances in our daily life when I can not help but see and realize G-d’s presence and influence in my life.  While technically not “holy”, these are the times when Love is unmistakenly recognizable.  There have been many such “Precious Moments” since I began serving as President of CBS.  Celebrating the holiday of Passover this year has produced such a moment:


"Watching how proficient in reading Hebrew and reading the Torah, knowing the prayers, being able to follow the order of the service and me not having to point anymore in the prayer book and say, 'this is where we are' makes me proud," said the mom. "We couldn't have done it without the leadership and the teachers at Brith Shalom. Their love of Judaism has been contagious to the girls. They come home with a bright light in their eyes. They are looking forward to continuing their education in the Kehillah High program."


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