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Celebrate Your Life

12/02/2019 09:09:35 AM


Rhonda Kaplan

Every year we celebrate a birthday! Birthdays that recognize the number of decades we have lived seem especially a time for great celebration and reflection. With the celebration of our birthday, we are reminded that our body is 60% water. Immersion in the Mikveh is a time to stop, reflect, and highlight the amazing milestone of one’s 30th…….100th birthday!

As you immerse in the Mikveh three times during the visit, saying the prayers with each immersion, allow yourself to think about the accumulation of wisdom you have gained through life. Think about sharing the wisdom with others. Allow the “living waters” of the Mikveh to soften you, physically and spiritually, to be open to the opportunities and gifts of the future.

Welcome to your new stage of life!

The Community Mikveh at United Orthodox Synagogue is available to members of Congregation Brith Shalom for celebrating their life milestones. Please see Rabbi Teller or Cantor Levine for more information and guidance.

Thu, December 1 2022 7 Kislev 5783