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Healing After Divorce

11/11/2019 10:48:52 AM


Rhonda Kaplan

From Rhonda Kaplan, chair of the Brith Shalom Mikva Initiative, sponsored by the Houston Jewish Community Foundation:

Any loss in life is a tremendous time of change. Loss from divorce can be devastating and/or freeing. Either way, change is inevitable. This change not only, can impact an individual, but also, can impact immediate and extended family, and community. Transition, change, and loss can lead to challenges, both psychologically and spiritually. Rituals can help give some order to life, and help ease a transition. The ritual of immersing in the Mikveh can be helpful with this life altering event.

At any age, divorce forces one to moves into a new life stage. Immersion in the Mikveh can support letting go and releasing oneself from the former relationship. The “living waters” of the Mikveh and prayers can provide comfort, nurturing, and renewal. When one immerses in the Mikveh, one’s wholeness can be affirmed. Immersion assists in setting the stage for a time to create a new beginning, transitioning from one stage in life to another. It can encourage hope – what do you hope for?

The community Mikveh at United Orthodox Synagogue is available to congregants, from Brith Shalom, to utilize during life transitions. Please contact Rabbi Teller or Cantor Levine for more information and guidance.

As Rav Nachman teaches, 'If you believe in breaking, you must also believe in fixing.'

“May you be fruitful in your act of self-compassion.
May you multiply your ability to tend to your own soul.
May you always have the courage to begin again.
May you find within yourself the love you are worthy of being shown.”

Rituals that involve the senses are powerful. Rituals give order to human life.

Ritual honors your soul and its suffering.

Ritual helps ease an important transition.

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