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Men's Club Breakfast

The CBS Men’s Club presents Sewell Martin, a licensed Texas Insurance Agent since 1993, and a member of Congregation Brith Shalom since 1976.

Do you realize that Long-Term Care expenses are a major financial risk to a long and successful retirement?  

If you, or your partner need continuous and extended care, the money needed to pay your caregivers has to come from somewhere. Unless you plan ahead, that “somewhere” is probably going to be your retirement savings and your other personal assets.

Consider the following questions:

  • How much money do you think you would you need to spend to cover these expenses?  Where would your money come from?
  • If both you and your partner needed care, how long would your money last?
  • If all your retirement savings were spent, what investments would you liquidate? What personal property would you sell?  When it’s all gone, what then?
  • What would your partner do when all your savings were spent and your assets were sold to pay for your care?
  • Is that what you dreamt your “majestic” retirement would be like?

You and your partner are invited to an educational talk at Congregation Brith Shalom Men’s Club breakfast at 10:00 am, on April 28th and get your questions answered and your concerns addressed.

Learn what your potential costs could be; the options you have; and what the consequences of doing nothing could be to you and your family.

Sewell Martin can be reached at:  W: 713-728-5526, C: 713-858-8640, Email: [email protected].

Date and Time: 
Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 10:00am
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