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Making Sense of the Shabbat Morning Liturgy

Sunday Mornings

9:45 am         Making Sense of the Shabbat Morning Liturgy- 8 Session Class taught by Cantor Levine

This class will delve into the deeper meanings of the Shabbat morning liturgy through structure and historical and theological context to identify the issues through which we are challenged to confront and build Jewish identification in the 21st century. Hebrew reading is helpful but not required. 

The course will be offered on Sunday mornings at 9:45 am. Each session will be independent and participants can attend some or all of the sessions. There is no fee for this class. RSVP’s are requested, not required.

Session 1       Issues of Prayer and a structural analysis of the service             October 7                

Session 2       Birchot HaShachar – the early morning blessings                      October 21             

Session 3       P’sukei D’Zimrah – Getting in the mindset for prayer               October 28                

Session 4       Shacharit – Blessings before the Shema                                    November 11                       

Session 5       The Shema                                                                            November 18            

Session 6       The Amidah I                                                                         December 16                       

Session 7       The Amidah II                                                                        December 23   
(Due to vacation schedules of the students, this class date has been cancelled)         

Session 8       The Torah Service & Concluding Prayers                                 January 13   

Session 9        Rituals of the  Torah Service                                                  January 27