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Brit Milah/Baby Naming 

Mazel Tov!

Welcoming your sons and daughters into our covenant with God is a magnificent way to acknowledge and sanctify new life. Through a Brith Milah (covenant of circumcision) for a son, or a Baby Naming (simchat bat) for a daughter, we can help you joyfully welcome your new child into the Jewish world.

Ceremonies and their rituals serve many purposes. They initiate a lifetime of marking significant events in the context of tradition and community functions. They represent the fulfillment of mitzvot, of commandments or obligations, which require such ceremonies. They link us to the Jewish past and commit us to a Jewish future. They serve as an opportunity to reinforce central beliefs and symbols--for example, covenant, commandment, and community--that characterize Judaism and Jewish life.

We look forward to celebrating with you. Rabbi Ranon Teller or Cantor Mark Levine would be honored to officiate at your celebration of new life. We will work with you to shape a unique and personal ceremony. Please contact the synagogue’s offices at 713-667-9201 to arrange your celebration.

Visit for more about Jewish Lifecycles.



A Jewish wedding is a powerful event with infinite potential for grace, beauty, spirituality and romance.

Rabbi Ranon Teller would be honored to perform your wedding.  We will help make your simcha a personal and meaningful experience.  You will need to meet with the Rabbi to learn about the Jewish wedding, and shape your ceremony to imbue it with tradition and relevance.  

For more information and arrangements, please call the synagogue’s offices at 713-667-9201 x301 or set up an appointment with Rabbi Teller by contacting Cherye-Ann DeLong, at [email protected]



If you were born of a different faith and are considering learning more about Conservative Judaism or the conversion process, please contact the synagogue’s offices at 713-667-9201 x301 or by contacting Cherye-Ann DeLong, at [email protected].


Funerals & Bereavement 

As Jews, we honor the holiness of the Body and the Soul. We treat our bodies as sacred vessels while we live and after we die. Our mortal bodies return to the earth. Our eternal souls go with God in the realms of the spirit. Our rites and rituals provide guidance and comfort for the mourners. Our rites and rituals also provide comfort and connection with the soul of the departed. 

If there has been a death in your family, please contact the synagogue’s office for funeral arrangements at 713-667-9201 x301. 


Bereavement Counseling

For bereavement counseling, request an appointment with the Rabbi by calling the offices at 713-667-9201 x301 or by contacting Cherye-Ann DeLong, at [email protected].


Organ Donation

Conservative Judaism supports organ donation within specific guidelines. To set up an appointment to speak with Rabbi Teller, call 713-667-9201 x301 or email him to set up an appointment. 


Ethical Wills

An ethical will is a document designed to leave behind a set of ethical values to future generations. For information on creating an ethical will, contact Rabbi Teller by calling 713-667-9201 x301 or email him to set up an appointment.


Jewish Medical Directives

A Jewish Medical Directive, approved by The Rabbinical Assembly, is available at our offices. To obtain a Jewish Medical Directive, please contact the office at 713-667-9201 x301. You may also download a copy of the Jewish Medical Directive here.


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