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History of Antisemitism

Brith Shalom Adult Education
History of Antisemitism
Cantor Mark Levine

The tenacity of Antisemitic ideology and behavior has shaped much of Jewish history over the last 2,300 years.  The Crusades, the Inquisition, expulsions, ghettos, the Dreyfus Affair, pogroms, quotas, and the vast array of Jew hatred in our world today, simmering below the surface and/or manifested in terrorist behavior…seemingly endless.  These events have shaped who we are and serve as cautionary tales as we move forward into the 21st century.

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Please note: this course will not address the holocaust which merits a course unto itself.

Click on the calendar/day links below to download weekly class materials.

                                                                    Sunday                                                   Thursday (Noon)

1   Early Antisemitism                                 October 25 (11am)                                       October 29

2   Early Christian Antisemitism                  November 1 (11am)                                      November 5

3   Early Islamic Antisemitism                     November 15 (11am)                                   November 12

4   Holy Wars                                              November 22  (11am)                                   December 3

5   Big Lies                                                  December 6   (11am)                                   December 10

6   Intolerance                                             December 20 (11am)                                     December 17

7   The Search for Tolerance                       December 27 (11am)                                  December 24

8   Poland & the Ottoman Empire                January 17                                         January 24

9   Enlightenment                                        January 31                                         February 4

10 Nationalism                                            February 7                                         February 11

11 France and Russia                                   February 21                                       February 25

12 War and Revolution                                March 7                                             March 11

13 Post-Holocaust                                       March 14                                           March 18

14 The Cold War                                         March 21                                           March 25

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