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Jewish Meditation

Jewish meditation is an ancient tradition that can deepen our prayer experience. By quieting the mind, it is possible to build an awareness of our inner voice and of the Divine Presence, helping us discover deeper meaning, purpose, and direction in our lives.


Experience Guided Meditation

Dr. Sam Axelrad and Janice Rubin have recorded a Jewish Guided Meditation to offer us an alternative pathway toward God.

Set aside 11 minutes to sit quietly and feel God’s presence magnified in this world by listening with your heart, body and soul.


Click here to listen to a recording of *Hineni Guided Meditation.

11 minutes


Hineni - Guided Meditatio
by Sam Axelrad with Janice Rubin – Vocal and Guitar; Courtenay Vandiver Pereira – Cello, Barry Roberts – Guitar


*Hineni Osah et Atzmi Merkavah L’Shechina

Here I am transforming myself into a Chariot for The Divine Presence

Chant by Rabbi Shefa Gold


Click here to listen to a recording of The Angel Meditation.

11 minutes


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