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Interfaith Community Service Day Registration 2018



Registration for Interfaith Community Service Day programs is now open. This year, we are again excited about this community partnership between Maryam Islamic Center, St. Theresa's Catholic Church, and Congregation Brith Shalom.

Please click HERE to see each volunteer opportunity below.

To register, click "SIGN UP" after the project description. If you are not able to click, registration for that project has reached full capacity. 

Feel free to register for a program in both the morning and the afternoon.

There will be a free dinner for all volunteers in the Brith Shalom social hall starting at 5:30 pm. RSVP is required. 

For additional questions and information, please contact Jessie Cassorla at [email protected] OR (713) 667-9201 ext. 318. 

Community Service Day Collections



Volunteer Opportunities

Morning Start Times: 

7am-11am:          Delivering Food to Refugees at Maryam Islamic Center. SIGN UP
9am-11am:          Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement (Ages 14+): Organize household items in
                          warehouse to help refugees as they settle in to new life in Houston. SIGN UP
9am-12pm:         Nature Discovery Center (Ages 12+): FULL CAPACITY
9am-1pm:           Blood Drive (Ages 16+) at Congregation Brith ShalomSIGN UP
9am~3pm:          Rebuilding Together (Ages 13+): Repairing a home in Southwest Houston for elderly
                         home-owner. No skills needed. This site needs a lot of volunteers. 
9:30am-11:30am: Books Between Kids (Ages 5+): FULL CAPACITY
9:30am-12pm:     Casa de Esperanza (Ages 18+): Playing with children and families escaping abusive
                          homelives. SIGN UP
10am-12pm:        Celebration Company (Ages 13+): Roll candles for a transitional employment program
                          helping adults with cognitive disabilities. SIGN UP
10am-12pm:        JMeals on Wheels: FULL CAPACITY
10am-4pm:          Star of Hope Collection Drive (Ages 8+): Loading trucks with donations for
                          homeless shelter. SIGN UP
11am-11:30am:    Seven Acres - FULL CAPACITY
11am-1pm:          Young Families Art Program at St. Theresa's Catholic Church. SIGN UP
11am-2pm:          Midtown Terrace: Holiday party and raffle at government housing for U.S. veterans.
                          SIGN UP
11am-2pm:          K-9 Angels (Ages 16+) - FULL CAPACITY

Afternoon Start Times: 

12pm-3pm:         SEARCH Homeless Services: Working crafts table for children struggling with poverty
                          and homelessness. SIGN UP
12pm-4pm:         Helping Hand for Relief and Development: Sort items to send to refugees overseas. 
                         SIGN UP
12:30pm-3pm:    Star of Hope Mission (Ages 15+): Serve food to the homeless, cafeteria-style. SIGN UP
1pm-4:30pm:      Angela House (Ages 16+): FULL CAPACITY
2pm-3pm:          Friends for Life: Cat socalization at a no-kill shelter. SIGN UP
2pm-3pm:          Seven Acres - FULL CAPACITY
2pm-5pm:          K-9 Angels (Ages 16+) - FULL CAPACITY