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A different kind of text study. A spirited discussion.

The Inspired Book Club (IBC) tackles books on Bible, Talmud, theology, Halakhah, Jewish history and contemporary Israel, AND MORE.

To join us and for more information, contact Sue Resnick

Shabbat Adult Education Programs on Shabbat
Inspired Book Club - Second Shabbat of the month at 1:00 PM
Shabbat Study Group - Third Shabbat of the month at 1:00 PM

The Inspired Book Group meets on Saturday, June 11, 1:00 PM on Zoom. We begin reading People Love Dead Jews, by Dara Horn.  For our first session, please read the Introduction-Ch. 6 (pgs. 1-103).  The discussion will be led by Peter Gingiss. 

The book schedule is as follows:

April 9 - Introduction, Parts 1 (The Jewish "Race" in America) and 2 (Jews in Black and White)
May 14 - Parts 3 (Confronting Jewish Difference) and 4 (From Old Challenges to New
June 11 - People Love Dead Jews by Dara Horn

All IBC books are available in hardcopy, paperback and eBook format from on-line book sellers, public libraries, and on-line sources, such as JSTOR.

For more information about the IBC, please contact Sue Resnick at

Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782