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Executive Committee & Board of Trustees

At our Annual Meeting of the Membership the following were elected as officers or to the Board of Trustees as At-Large Members. Additionally, we have also listed below those members who are on the Board of Trustees by virtue of their position.


Rhoda GoldbergPresident 

Karen Bernstein Vice President 

Mitch KreindlerVice President 

Denise Mosk Vice President 

Steven Goldberger  Financial Vice President 

David LewisSecretary



Lori Actor

Mike Drob

Elyse Evans

Ellen Fiesinger

Amir Halevy

Mark Jason

Debbie Karakowsky

Ron Klein

Debi Mishael

Jonah Paransky

Stephan E. Rubin

Lori Slater

Eljay Waldman

Erin Pomerantz Wright

Michael Zlotnick




Stephan E. Rubin - Immediate Past Pres. & Nominating

Ron Klein - Facilities Planning

Lori SlaterEducation Council 

Lori Actor & Debi MishaelSisterhood  

Michael Zlotnick - Men's Club 

Michael ZlotnickReligious Practices  

                          - Fund Development & Financial Affairs Committee 
Ellen Fiesinger - Life and Legacy