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Brith Shalom Adult Education Film Festival

Eighteen Years at the Movies

The CBS Film Festival returns for its 18th year on three Sunday evenings in January 2020 at 7 PM. Each showing begins with a pre-film introduction and ends with a lively post-film discussion.

The program for this year includes:

January  12: “Phoenix” (Germany, 2014)

Set in Berlin in 1945, a Jewish cabaret singer seeks to reconstruct her pre-camp life by seeking out her non-Jewish husband who may have betrayed her to the Nazis. A powerful film about love and illusion, identity and the Jewish-German relationship.


January 19: “Keep Quiet” (Hungary, 2016)

Csanád Szegedi founded the para-military wing of the radical right, anti-Semitic Jobbik Party. Then he learned he was Jewish. The film follows Szegedi’s three-year change-of-heart journey. But are we witnessing teshuvah or a grand fraud?


January 26: “Foxtrot” (Israel, 2017)

The film begins with a knock on the door at the home of an upscale Tel Aviv family. It’s an IDF team announcing the death of their son. This three-act exploration of war, grief and family mixes comedy and tragedy in a unique way.


January 2019

Sunday Evenings at 7:00 PM       
 “Sunday Night Movies” - Brith Shalom Adult Education Film Festival

The CBS Film Festival returns for its 16th year! There will be pre-film introductions and post-film discussion. Because of limited comfortable seating, no drop-ins will be admitted. Reservations for any or all films must be made via e-mail to Aaron Howard.

Jan. 13: “1945” (Hungary, 2017) The arrival of two Orthodox Jews upsets the wedding day of a rural town clerk’s son in post-war Hungary

Jan. 20: “Menashe” (U.S., 2017) Filmed in a New York Hasidic community in Yiddish, this film portrays the struggles of a widowed man to keep custody of his son after his wife passes away

Jan. 27: “God’s Neighbors” (Israel, 2012) “HaMashgihim” portrays a young man’s attempts to break away from a gang of religious extremists who patrol their Bat Yam neighborhood for transgressions against the letter of religious laws