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In case you missed my State of the Shul Speech at the 2019 CBS Annual Meeting

A rabbi, a cantor and a congregation president are all held up by a robber who points a gun at them. “Let me at least give one more sermon before you shoot me,” pleads the rabbi. “Let me at least sing Kol Nidre once more before you shoot me,” cries the cantor. “Shoot me first,” begs the president. (credit to Internet)

An Update on Security and Vigilance at Congregation Brith Shalom

Our shul takes great pride in being an intimate community that welcomes everyone.  However, recent events and incidents across the United States involving violent acts of crime directed at Jewish institutions, including the horrific mass shooting that occurred at Tree of Life - Or L'Simcha Congregation in Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, last month, have highlighted the need for increased security and vigilance at Congregation Brith Shalom.


If you did not attend the Annual CBS Congregation Meeting on June 21st, you missed a lot. This is the time when we get together as a Congregation and make decisions that, frankly, impact the future of CBS in very important and significant ways; the decisions as to who will lead us into the future and what our finances are and will be are vital to the continuation of the shul.


By way of brief recap, our slate of officers who were elected last fiscal year were re-elected to serve a second term. Mike Drob was elected to serve as a member of the CBS Board of Trustees. 


Friends and Family,

While life here in Houston post-Hurricane Harvey is not yet what it was before the storm, and may never be, I find myself being inspired and encouraged by what I affectionately refer to as “Precious Moments”.  “Precious Moments” are events or circumstances in our daily life when I can not help but see and realize G-d’s presence and influence in my life.  While technically not “holy”, these are the times when Love is unmistakenly recognizable.  There have been many such “Precious Moments” since I began serving as President of CBS.  Celebrating the holiday of Passover this year has produced such a moment:

Mazal Tov Rabbi Teller!

Great news! The Board of Trustees met at an open Special Meeting last night, February 7th, to discuss and vote upon a Motion to Re-Elect Rabbi Ranon Teller, and voted to renew Rabbi Teller’s contract with Congregation Brith Shalom for an additional 16 years, commencing July 1, 2019.


Family and Friends,

I am at, or near, my first 100 days serving as your President of CBS.  I was hoping that my first President’s Blog submission would be something fun, positive, exciting, etc...  I wanted to introduce to you our new, enthusiastic and devoted Officers and Board of Trustees, who, because of their great love and support of CBS, are giving so much of their valuable time and talent to making CBS a fantastic place for worship, learning and communal support.  I wanted to tell you about our plans for the Synagogue, how we will be working hard to put CBS on a strong financial footing, not only with respect to current financial obligations but working so hard towards a solid and stable financial future. (Cont'd)

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