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Three Times the Mitzvah

"Watching how proficient in reading Hebrew and reading the Torah, knowing the prayers, being able to follow the order of the service and me not having to point anymore in the prayer book and say, 'this is where we are' makes me proud," said the mom. "We couldn't have done it without the leadership and the teachers at Brith Shalom. Their love of Judaism has been contagious to the girls. They come home with a bright light in their eyes. They are looking forward to continuing their education in the Kehillah High program."

News from the CBS Israel Advocacy Committee

Congress is set to vote in mid-September on the Iran nuclear agreement. The outcome of this vote is important to the security of the Western World, the Middle East in general and Israel in particular. The Israel Advocacy Committee has unanimously agreed that the agreement does not achieve the purpose for which it was intended, to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear weapon state. Further, it will provide substantial resources for Iran’s aggressive activities, many of them directed against Israel. The committee urges fellow congregants, no matter what their views, to be informed and be heard on this important matter.

Kehillah High

In its first year, Kehillah High is a multi-denominational partnership that includes Congregation Beth Israel, Congregation Beth Yeshurun, and Congregation Brith Shalom. Enrollment is also available to any Jewish teen whose affiliated synagogue does not have a formal teen educational program, and to any teen whose family is not affiliated with a synagogue.

Israel Advocacy Committee

Congregation Brith Shalom – Israel Advocacy Committee

There are over 6 million Jews each in Israel and North America and together they make up about
90% of world Jewry. These two great Jewish communities are dependent upon each other for
their continued vitality. In addition, the communities of North American and Israel provide much
needed material, spiritual and cultural support to other communities throughout the world.     

Thank you

Shalom all, 

Last shabbat, the community celebrated my and Vicki’s, 10th year anniversary with Brith Shalom. The love from the community was palpable. The volunteers were incredible. The staff rallied. I feel so blessed to:

ReelAbilities: Houston Disabilities Film Festival

Congregation Brith Shalom is partnering with the Inclusion Committees from other Houston area synagogues in encouraging members to attend the Wednesday evening of the festival (Feb. 11, 7:00 pm; free, registration required) at the ERJCC, which will feature a moving and thought provoking documentary, “A Whole Lott More”: From the moment Kevin types (with difficulty), “I want to earn my way in the world”, we feel the passion behind his words.

A Clarification of the Interim Plan for New Clergy

A while back, Rabbi Teller and I sent letters to the Congregation describing the interim Board plan as Cantor Rhodes¹ contract comes to a close. Cantor Rhodes informed us that he is exercising his right to end his role as Cantor for Brith Shalom.  A strategic plan was developed to ensure a quality congregational experience for our members, with an eye toward carefully evaluating our needs for the future.

Celebrate the Rabbi’s 10th anniversary and Help Your Brith Shalom Community

Mark your calendars now. On the Shabbat of January 24, 2015 we will honor and celebrate Rabbi Ranon and Vicki Teller’s 10 years at Congregation Brith Shalom.  In that time they have helped make Brith Shalom a more spiritual, learned and supportive community.  Both the Rabbi and Vicki have contributed and touched our lives in so many different ways.

Brith Shalom Proud

I am very proud of Brith Shalom.  At a Board meeting in June your Birth Shalom Board affirmed a project suggested by the CBS Enhancement committee.  For those of you who may not be familiar with the Enhancement committee it is composed of individuals who have been working tirelessly and for a long time to enhance the physical image and beauty of our facility.  They have facilitated new furniture, art, landscaping and general décor, to name just a few of their many contributions.  The committee is made up of the following individuals – Haya Varon, Mort Levy, Marty Buc

Spring Meditation

Spring Meditation, Each class is open to anyone, you don't even have to be Jewish! Feel free to come and invite a friend. The class leader is noted when possible.


CONGREGATION EMANU EL -- 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM (Board room)

Saturday, March 8 - Ann Friedman

Saturday, April 5 - Glen Duval

Saturday, April 12 - Glen Duval

Saturday, April 26 - Glen Duval

Saturday, May 3 - Ann Friedman

Saturday, May 10 - Ann Friedman


SH'MA KOLEINU -- 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Merfish JCC)

Young Adult Ketubah Event

Modern Ketubah Art: A Contemporary Twist on a Timeless Tradition 
Exclusively for Ages 21 to Thirty-Something
At Julie Bortnick and Matthew Weinstein's House

Join us for a ketubah event with local artist Anna Abramzon. Whether you are in the market for a ketubah, already have one and want to know what it means, or are just interested in this unique custom, come learn more about the art, texts, and the ancient and modern day traditions of the ketubah. Presented by Anna Abramzon. 


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