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A reflective pool is more than a mirror image of reality. Rather, we gaze into its depths and see our hopes, our dreams, and visions of the future. Similarly, our leadership entered the year with a clear view of the current state of the shul, but a strong desire to see the future vision of what we will become. The combined "reflection" of our board of trustees gave us focus for many great accomplishments over the past two years (see below). For this, I owe the outgoing leadership a debt of gratitude, for thinking to the future and planning for the years ahead. Please join me in thanking our leadership for their devotion and desire to succeed in every facet of CBS life.

May 18th is our congregational meeting. Join me as we present (reflect on) the "state of the shul" and as we elect our next set of leaders. Two days later, on Shabbat morning, May 20th, we will install our new officers and give the new leadership our blessings to guide us into the months ahead and beyond.

As I reflect, I want to express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to represent the synagogue these past years. It has truly been the most emotionally rewarding experience of my life. And, as a congregation, we have accomplished so many wonderful and exciting things, and should be proud of our growth. May we be blessed with solid leadership as we continue to grow, together, as a community.

B'shalom, and thanks for the memories!

Jeffrey Actor,

President, Congregation Brith Shalom, 2015-2017



Accomplishments in Perspective: 2015-2017

  • Maintained our top priority that we are foremost a religious organization
  • Implemented transition from Interim Plan to current model
  • Increased communications with our congregants
  • Membership Growth of 5% per year each year
  • Survived two floods – helped congregants and community recover
  • Provided a (long-term) home for Goldberg Montessori School
  • Membership Engagement: Two major fundraisers (My Father’s Son; 60th weekend celebration); strong Fund Development Committee leadership
  • Initiated the Mitzvah Campaign and Mitzvah Circle; significantly increased current/future Endowment
  • Successful Life & Legacy campaign (more than signed 50 letters if intent!)
  • Completed Religious School survey; staff review surveys and performance reviews
  • 2 Benefactor events (Hazzan singing; Hoe-Down fun)
  • Directory assembled and distributed (thanks Sisterhood!)
  • Educational Programs; Religious School growth to 150+ students; Kehillah High; Adult Ed; Shavuot talks, Scholars in Residence
  • ~25+ B’nei Mitzvot each year!
  • Implemented new security measures; CHL policy
  • Facilities enhancements; implemented building fund and security fee
  • Chai Initiative; Diversity, Interfaith Programming with St. Theresa and Community Outreach; Social Action; Mitzvah Days, hosting AA group meetings
  • Discussions: Same sex marriage (diversity); USCJ policy changes to members
  • Review and Renewal of Educational Director
  • Renewal of Hazzan-in-Residence contract
  • Multiple changes in office/administration
  • Implemented outsourcing of Accounting; restructured USCJ dues (variance appeal)
  • Restructured bank loans and credit
  • Survived Rabbi’s Sabbatical (and received an invigorated Rabbi in return)
  • Auxiliaries thriving (Sisterhood and Men’s Club); Membership committee reinvigorated; RPC; FDC; FAC; Education Council; Facilities Committee; Young Professionals; Israel Advocacy; Hazzak; Chesed Committee, Learning groups, Book groups. Hosted Yoga. 2 new chavurahs formed, Friday Night Ruach….
  • M’shaloach Manot hand delivered to all congregants
  • And more!!!