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Friends and Family,


            I am totally into a “kvelling mode” as we get closer to the High Holidays (“HH”) at CBS.  Yes, I am extraordinarily pleased as I survey all that has been happening at CBS since we were so rudely introduced to Hurricane Harvey.  Just a few such happenings:


*          The amazing, generous response of our CBS family to helping those in desperate need is beyond words.  And, the good work continues as Nancy Picus and Rhoda Goldberg have been busy making sure everyone who wants/need a place to be for High Holiday meals is matched with CBS Congregants who are lovingly opening their homes!


*          Opening our hearts and shul facility to Congregation Beth Yeshuren (“CBY”) has been incredible!  Rabbi Teller, with the support of our Religious Practices Committee, has done a fantastic job of working with the Clergy of CBY to seamlessly merge services and participants resulting in deep and meaningful pray experiences for both shul families! 


*          I tearfully listened to Rabbi Teller's passionate and meaningful sermon during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on September 2nd.  His words continue to resonate and inspire me, including these words...


            "The formula is simple and clear: those who didn't flood help those who flooded. That's it. That's how we move forward."  Rabbi Ranon Teller


*          Special thanks also goes out to Al Winters, Natalie Kravetz, and the 7am Daily Minyan Regulars who have gratuitously welcomed and helped the CBY morning minyan feel welcome during our early morning weekly services and are providing the Community with an valuable opportunity to say kaddish for those loved ones who have passed away!


*          Providing the ERJCC with space for their programs and classes, not the least of which was the sold-out concert, David Krohn: Bernstein: A Life of Music , featuring our hugely popular and beloved Chazzan-in-Residence, David Krohn, on Sunday, Sept 10, 2017!


*          There was an overwhelming response and support for our CBS Men’s Club sponsored Blood Drive on Sunday, September 3rd, the first that I can remember in over 29 years where we had so many donors that the Blood Center was unable to accept all of the donations within the time allocated for the Blood Drive and had to re-schedule many such donations for a later date.


*          Our Religious School opened with so many more students that ever!  Four new teachers were added to the cadre of top quality staff, the best in the Houston area, to accommodate the tremendous growth we have experienced this year, due in large part to the successful leadership and efforts of Cantor Mark Levine and Assistant Director of Education, Anna Blum. When you see them during the HH, please extend to them a well earned “kol hakavod; well done!”


            There is so much more that I can tell you, and want to tell you, but this is a blog, not a novel. If you want to know more, please feel free to ask me during breaks in the HH services and I will, with pride and joy, tell you!  We have so much for which we can be thankful!   


            Together with your Board of Trustees, we wish you and your family a l'shanah tovah tikatevu!