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Shalom Chaverim.
As we anticipate a return to normalcy, we are excited to share that Brith Shalom intends to return to the classroom this upcoming Fall.  Learning will be in self-contained classrooms, masks will be required, large group gatherings avoided, and additional health processes/restrictions will be in-place but students will once again gather and learn with their peers at Brith Shalom.  As we get closer to the school year start, we will reevaluate and finalize the health policies which we will share with all families.
As in years past, classes for grades 3-7 will be held on Sunday mornings, beginning at 9:30, and Wednesdays, starting at 4:30, and Sundays only for PreK-2.

Online-registration for the coming year will launch on May 3, and early bird ($100 reduced) rates will apply until June 30, after which the standard rates will be charged.  We encourage you to register to apply before June 30, which also helps us project our actual needs.
Wednesday, Online-Option (grades 4-6)
This year, for grades 4-6, we will introduce an experimental optional on Wednesdays - a zoom experience for up to 30 students.  In this model, students will have a 45-minute Hebrew reading lesson with a teacher on zoom and then will be required to complete an on-line 45-minute Hebrew assignment, whose progress will be monitored by the teacher and administrator.  Participants, grouped by ability, will be assigned to either a 4:30 or 5:15 session with the teacher.

Please note, completion of the additional Hebrew assignments will be a requirement of participation in this alternative model.
Important notes:
Sunday mornings will remain an in-person experience for all students.

Tefillah (school services), required of all students, will remain online until approval for large group gatherings with singing is given by our Medical Advisory Team.

We are eager for a return to the social and educational benefits of in-person learning but also committed to providing a safe environment for students and faculty alike.  We will be sending out more health protocols and information throughout the summer.

For further information, please reach out to Cantor Levine or Erin Lepselter. As always, we appreciate the honor of teaming with you in the holy task of Jewishly educating your children.
Cantor Mark Levine                         Erin Lepselter
Director of Education                     Assistant Educator
Diego Donzis                                      Emily Reppart
Ed Council Co-Chair                         Ed Council Co-Chair

Mon, January 24 2022 22 Shevat 5782